HUB-eBGO is an open, web-based platform for scientific collaboration in Life Sciences. It represents the gate towards a Western France Virtual Research Environment aiming at disseminate e-Science concepts into Life Sciences. This VRE is a first step to go towards e-Infrastructure development in Western France. This VRE give access to Computing resources and to several tools helping scientist to :

Manage, Analyse, Share Data and Metadata

The Emme Experimental Metadata Management Environment.

The EMME project aims at facilitating the data integration and exchange among different entities of Biogenouest. In recent years, the volume and diversity of data from biological and biomedical technologies have greatly increased. This is due to multi-omics approaches performed on new species. EMME suggests the use of tools developed by the ISA team to manage experimental metadata and BioInvIndex (BII) submission. Thus, information and data from each experiment will be more easily available. ISA (Investigation / Study / Assay) infrastructure is the first to suggest a general format and a free software suite for biologists and bioinformaticians in order to: Facilitate experimental metadata local management (ie sample characteristics, technology and type of measurement, sample-related data) for studies using one or more technologies; Encourage users to use ontologies and "minimum information checklists"; Standardize the studies to submit them in public repositories such as international ENA (genomics), PRIDE (proteomics) and ArrayExpress (transcriptomics).

The Galaxy@Genouest web-based platform.

Galaxy is an open, web-based platform for accessible, reproducible, and transparent computational biomedical research. Accessible: Users without programming experience can easily specify parameters and run tools and workflows. Reproducible: Galaxy captures information so that any user can repeat and understand a complete computational analysis. Transparent: Users share and publish analyses via the web and create Pages, interactive, web-based documents that describe a complete analysis.


The HUB-eBGO web platform for scientific collaboration.

This Hub is a resource for research, education and collaboration in Life Sciences. It hosts various resources which will help you learn about e-science, including Online Presentations, Courses, Learning Modules, Animations, Teaching Materials, and more. These resources come from contributors in our scientific community, and are used by visitors .