ISAconfigurator : Java Application for curators to customize and regulate the fields displayed in ISAcreator, by declaring some required fields and specifying allowed values ​​(e.g. from a set of ontologies term).

ISAcreator : friendly Java application with which the "experimentalists" can include or edit experimental metadata and validate the ISA-Tab files formatted according to the specified configuration (via the ISAconfigurator).

ISAconverter : Java application to validate and convert ISA-Tab files into several other tabular or XML formats to submit into public repositories such as ENA (genomics), PRIDE (proteomics) and ArrayExpress (transcriptomics).

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These applications are launched by Java Web start.

During the first launch, a directory named ISA_metadata will be created in your home directory. This last one will contain all configurations and ISA-tab files created with this software suite.